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    The legacy of Cunard…

    It was a more civilized era, the golden age of sea travel. Crossing the ocean was a grand event unto itself, the very embodiment of sophistication and privilege. And traveling Cunard was what one naturally chose for such a voyage.

    Cunard continues this celebration of style with Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria – proving once again, with Cunard, the journey may be even more magnificent that the destination.

    Cunard’s glorious ocean liners were floating palaces of art deco splendor and Edwardian excess, surrounding guests with every comfort and luxury. They attracted the greatest personalities of the day, from world leaders to movie stars, who sipped champagne at festive black-tie soirees and strolled along graceful promenades attired in their finest apparel. It was the quintessence of luxury travel, and getting there was truly half the fun.

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